Issue with xtream codes (In Progress)
  • Priority - Critical
  • Affecting System - Unstable
  • Our apologies for the recent service issues.

    Our new system, panel and database are online and operating now, and we have finally finished migrating all customers.

    *Please reboot your device and refresh your M3U list from your App, or reboot the Portal on MAG devices or STB Emulators.*

    For the next 5 days you will notice that not all channels are back online. We are at 90% of finishing the process of bringing back all the channels online.

    We are aware of the issues and are working around the clock to bring everything back to the way it was before.

    We thank you for your patience and support!


  • Date - 09/15/2019 23:39
  • Last Updated - 10/08/2019 00:29
Working on bouquets (In Progress)
  • Priority - Medium
  • Affecting Other - Clients Panel
  • We are working on this so clients can edit their own Playlist and select or remove countries. This is for any device. 

  • Date - 09/25/2019 01:13 - 10/20/2019 00:00
  • Last Updated - 09/25/2019 01:15