Buffering On Channels

Sometimes you may experience buffering due to low internet speed or high internet traffic.

The most common cause of buffering is the result of a slow or unstable internet connection . This may be because of low internet speed or other users hogging the bandwidth in your house. Do you have lots of users in your home? Disconnect them all and try again.
The second reason is that you are using Wi-Fi, which is not suit for watching TV as you need direct (LAN) connection to internet network in order to enjoy smooth watching without interruptions.

Directly connect to your router using an LAN (ethernet) cable or to a powerline adaptor.
If not possible, try moving the box closer to the router.
Change your WI-FI channel. To avoid interference with nearby devices.
If you experience buffering press “pause” for 10-15 seconds and resume, most of the time that will eliminate the need to buffer.


Most of the time it's a hardware or network issue - remember while other streaming services use "adaptive" streaming (they adapt to the bandwidth and conditions), IPTV is more of a direct type streaming.


If you are using the Comstar App, please follow these steps:


- Reboot your home router / modem

- Reboot your device

- Open the Comstar app, then go to the App Settings, then to Player Settings and enable: "Hardware Decoder", click on "Save Changes"



This solves the buffering or stopping issues 99% of the time.

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